17 June, 2014

Around the Net - Game of Thrones Season 4 Finale

Being one of the biggest shows ever to hit TV, it is no surprise that there are a lot of people talking about the series. You have news about the finale being the most pirated show in history. Can I tell you a secret? That record will be broken again next year by some GoT episode.

Now, being honest here, I know that Game of Thrones Scorecards is not one of the big players. We actually just started out posting these for friends and family. Henley, who posts these on a sports forum, of all places, does a great job of summarizing each episode and how it relates to the books. With that in mind below are just a few of the posts around the internet regarding the season 4 finale.


16 June, 2014

Season 4 Episode 10: "The Children"

It was a well-executed finale.  It wasn't the biggest "holy crap" episode (that still goes to the Red Wedding, probably, although you could give the nod to the "Baelor's Sept" episode from Season 1, in which Ned was beheaded - that started the heads rolling downhill, so to speak), but this episode moved more stories forward in dramatic fashion than any other that comes to mind.

And then it finished with another change-up to the end credit song.   I went on and on a few scorecards ago for the changeable intro, but the outro is also a wildcard each week.  Nice work.

Also, a nod to another well-named episode, as this title has many meanings.

09 June, 2014

Season 4 Episode 9: "The Watchers on the Wall"

This was a short episode.  Maybe a little over 50 minutes. Next week's season finale will clock in around 65-66 minutes, I believe.  Which is good, because there is a lot to get through, if I'm reading the tea leaves correctly.

We open this episode with Sam doing a Monty Python bit.  "Is your wife a goer?  Is she a sport?  Nudge nudge.  Wink wink.  Say no more...  Have you ever slept with a lady?  What's it like?"

Sam is thinking that he's on the brink of death, and he wants to know what it's like to be intimate with a woman.  Jon is unable to put it into words, but it's apparent from the way he tries that his tryst with Ygritte was not an idle (see what I did there?) way to spend time before breaking from the Wildlings.

In a camp south of the wall, Tormund Giantsbane tries to tell everyone around the fire about having sex with a bear (it's part of his mystique), but an impatient Ygritte is having none of it.  She is sharpening arrow heads, and waiting for Mance Rayder's signal, and she interrupts Tormund's boasting with boasts of her own - about how she is going to kill so many "crows".  The Magnar of Thenn interrupts her in turn, to scoff at her boasting and point out that for all the folks she's killed, she is still a crow lover.  Ygritte claims that she, and only she, is allowed to kill Jon Snow, and she seems eager to do so.

02 June, 2014

Season 4 Episode 8: "The Mountain and The Viper"

Mole's Town and the Wall

Classy place, Mole's Town.  A bar whore is burping a song (The Bear and the Maiden Fair) and trading witty banter with the gentlemen in the establishment.  She steps into the back where Gilly is hanging some wash.  Gilly is just trying to keep her head down, but the whore is upset because Gilly's baby awoke her with all of his crying.  She threatens the little boy, and we see some fire from Gilly.  Before that can escalate, they hear an owl's hooting.  The whore is dismissive, but Gilly knows what's up.

It's the Wildling advance troops led by Tormund Giantsbane and Jon's sweetheart Ygritte, as well as the Thenns.  They murder everyone in the town...or almost everyone.  Ygritte believes she has cleared the bar (including putting a spear through Burpy) when she hears the baby cry.  She finds Gilly, sees her with the baby, and cautions her to keep quiet.  She's got a heart of gold, that Ygritte.

Back at Castle Black, the Night's Watch have heard about Mole's Town.  They lost three of their membership in that raid.  Sam is bemoaning his (dumbass) decision to leave Gilley in the bar, and Jon and the boys try to convince him that Gilly is a survivor, so maybe she survived the raid.

Grenn wants to go find the raiders and kill them, but Jon points out that's just what the Wildlings want.

This scene was basically a set up for next week.  The details are established.  If Tormund and company are as close as Mole's Town, then Mance must be about ready to attack the Wall.  Mance has 100,000 men (and giants) and the Night's Watch has 102 men.  Tormund and crew will attack Castle Black from the rear while Mance attacks the gates.

Long odds for the Brothers of the Night's Watch.

19 May, 2014

Season 4 Episode 7: "Mockingbird"

King's Landing

Tyrion and Jaime speak about Tyrion's outburst in court.  Jaime is of the opinion that Tyrion has blown everything.  Tyrion admits that he fell in love with Shea, and he couldn't stand listening to her tell those lies.  He also points out that they were falling into Tywin's hands. Jaime off breeding new Lannister kids, and Tyrion out of sight and out of mind at the Wall. While it may not have been completely in his self-interest, Tyrion enjoyed taking that away from Tywin and looking him in the eye while he did it.

12 May, 2014

Season 4 Episode 6: "The Laws of Gods and Men"

Well, that 60-minute episode went by in about 15 minutes, didn't it?  Very compelling TV.  This show (and these books) are game changers.  A recent article in Entertainment Weekly pointed out all of the shows who have become followers of the trails this series is blazing.  It is now considered a WTF situation if a show does NOT kill off main characters, whereas a scant 4 years ago, HBO admitted (IIRC) that they had no idea the only bankable star of the show would be killed off before the first season ended, and it was just that event that propagated this show into notoriety.  Now, IMHO, it has an argument for GOAT series.  We'll have to see how it all wraps up before that question can be fully answered, but it's episodes like tonight that continue the momentum.

05 May, 2014

Season 4 Episode 5: "First of His Name"

King's Landing, Part I

Tommen, of House Baratheon, first of his name, is crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms.  Margaery looks on.  She and Tommen exchange knowing looks.  Tommen can't keep the egg-sucking grin off his face.  Mom shows up.  Aww mom!

Cersei has a very frank discussion with Margaery, in which Cersei admits that Joffrey was a monster.  Cersei believes that Tommen is a sweet boy, and she reaches out to Margaery and asks for her help guiding Tommen.  There is some multi-level jousting going on.  Margaery doesn't leap for the bait - she's too smooth for that.  She "hasn't even thought" about still being the queen, and she'll speak to her father about it.  Still, she can't help getting in a dig at Cersei, stating that she won't know what to call Cersei after all of the weddings coming up.  "Sister, or mother?"  Recall that Cersei is supposed to wed Margaery's brother Loras.

28 April, 2014

Season 4 Episode 4: "Oathkeeper"


Missandei gives Gray Worm language lessons.  There seems to be some intimacy to it, as Missandei reminisces about being taken into slavery, and Gray Worm, though interested in Missandei's story, is only a forward looker.  Nothing before becoming Unsullied matters, and he only looks forward to killing slave owners.

Daenerys gives him that chance.  A group of Unsullied, dressed as Meereenese slaves, steals into the city and crashes a meeting of the city's slaves.  They give the slaves weapons, and point out that the slaves outnumber the masters 3-1.

21 April, 2014

Season 4 Episode 3: "Breaker of Chains"

Last week was a serving of a porterhouse steak with mashed potatoes - a meal likely to end with a gluttonous belch, a rubbing of the belly, and a desire to not see food again for a minimum of 12 hours.

Tonight was served tapas style.  There was nothing served in a large enough portion to command your attention; rather the variety of each dish deserved to be contemplated in isolation as well as in complement to the meal.

14 April, 2014

Season 4 Episode 2: "The Lion and the Rose"

The Dreadfort

Ah, that little scamp Ramsay Snow!  He sure does like his games, doesn't he?  We are treated to an opening sequence of a young lady fleeing Ramsay and his hounds.  If she can get out of the woods, she gets to go free - or at least, those are the stated rules of the game.  By his side, Ramsay has the accomplished archer Miranda, as well as his faithful human hound, Reek (Theon).  The unfortunate lady takes Miranda's arrow through the thigh, and then Ramsay sics his hounds on her, commanding them to "rip her".  Reek struggles to keep his cool at the carnage.

This scene serves to remind you that Ramsay is a deviant and that Theon has been utterly undone as a man by the twisted depredations of his captivity.

07 April, 2014

Season 4 Episode 1: "Two Swords"

So, season 4 begins! A another great write up by W.E. Henley. Just a reminder, I do not personally write these, these are copied with permission!

Jaime Lannister

We open with Tywin Lannister drawing a sword of Valyrian steel.  The hilt is removed, and the blade placed in a vessel to be melted down and reforged.  The original sword is large enough to make two new swords, one somewhat smaller than the other.  This is the first and most obvious meaning of the episode title.

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