15 April, 2019

Season Eight, Episode One "Winterfell"

Once more unto the breach, dear friends...


I want to give a nod to the various scenes that were shown even ahead of the "previously on GOT" sequence. What a fantastic summary in pictures, ending with a key scene in the first episode - Bran looking through the window at Cersei and Jaime. More on that later.


Wow - somebody has spent some jack on the new credit sequence. Gorgeous. First we see the broken Wall, and then rolling tiles take us to a new locale - The Last Hearth, home of the Umbers. The Umbers are longtime Stark bannermen, currently ruled by a youth because their former leaders paid the price of supporting Ramsay Bolton. We then continue on to Winterfell, and then go *inside* Winterfell, to the crypts. Next (and last) in the sequence is King's Landing. Will this be the same path the dead take - Wall to Last Hearth to Winterfell to King's Landing?

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